The fundamental objective of the project is the facilitation of understanding, dialogue and cooperation between Roma and non-Roma ethnic groups through the implementation of cultural activities, primarily in the disadvantaged micro-regions of Hungary. Additional objective is to strengthen the depth of the Roma – non-Roma intercultural dialogue, and to realise it as widely as possible. Therefore, the project is implemented as the cooperation of a Roma and a non-Roma organisation, as the partnership of Amenca –Velünk Európába Szervezet – Amenca – with us to Europe Organisation (Roma minority organisation, project coordinator), and Kertész László Hajdúsági Irodalmi Kör Közhasznú Egyesület – Kertész László Literary Club from Hajdúság, Public Association. The priorities of our programme (establishment of cultural products; cultural events (e.g. presentations, exhibitions, informal learning opportunities, development and application of informal experience and knowledge transfer methods) are to be implemented in the scope of 3 sub-programmes and 19 modules in a complex system, during 9 months.

Creation of synergy with the relevant action plans and the „Roma integration principles of validation” is crucial: a separate working group is operated for the implementation of these tasks. Besides providing project management, proper project quality, connection amongst the project partners and quality assurance are guaranteed as a result of the operation of programme developer teams.